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Epic Elves™ - Epic Elves enjoying the pool

Feeling like you’re looking older every morning when you wake up? Fight the signs of ageing while you sleep with the epic powers of the Epic Elves!

While you sleep, the Epic Elves are up to their usual tricks, finding ways to help you wake up with a refreshed, smoothed, and youthful complexion. That’s how they came up with anti-wrinkle eye patches.

But being epic, the elves didn’t want to create tons of waste. So they thought and thought for a spell. Then, eureka! They had a brilliant idea! They chose to make them out of silicone so they could be reusable.

They infused them with elfish magic, much like their brothers do with those fudgy cookies they make on the other side of the elf forest. With hydrating and smoothing ingredients that work more deeply the longer they’re worn, the Epic Elves were ready.

Or so they thought.

One of the Epic Elves didn’t like the colour of the patches. “It’s not cheeky enough!” Emma declared!

The others – Elfie, Elva, Elizabeth, Eowyn and Elsa – agreed, for what good is a beauty routine without making a gal feel her prettiest? So, they made these semi-transparent eye patches neon pink. And then went ahead and made the packaging all kinds of fun too. The holographic design certainly gets everyone’s attention. They hoped it would be enough for women everyone to take notice of the best way to add hydration to that delicate under-eye area and smooth away wrinkles.

To be certain that their Epic Elves eye patches would be discovered, they snuck into homes everywhere while women attempted to get their beauty rest. Emma placed them gently on bathroom vanities. Elfie strung them up on the light fixtures. Elva, ever the creative elf, slapped them onto the bathroom mirrors in pretty patterns. Elizabeth and Elsa teamed up to gently place them under the eyes of dreaming women.

Then, they waited.

By morning, news of the Epic Elves had spread. Their plan had worked! Women everywhere woke up with ravishing looks, ready to face their days. And they all owed their smoothed out, revitalized appearance to those cheeky Epic Elves and their reusable silicone anti-wrinkle eye patches!

What will the Epic Elves come up with next? You’ll just have to wait and see! They’re plotting away for other spectacular self-care products that make beauty fun, fresh, affordable, and easy to work into your life. Check back soon and see what new tales will be told about the Epic Elves and their new beauty products!

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