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Epic Elves™ - Epic Patches

Yikes! Who IS that staring back at you in the mirror? If you can hardly recognize yourself, it’s time to slap on some anti-aging eye patches to tame those terrible signs of aging.

Hey, it happens to everyone, but with a little elfish magic, you can quickly eradicate the signs of aging from around your eyes. See, the trouble with the eye area is that the skin is quite thin and delicate. Through the normal process of aging, it becomes even thinner. So, it needs extra love.

Not to worry since the Epic Elves are here to help you restore your eye contours. Slap them on and enjoy a nice cup of tea while curling up with a good book or binge-watching your favorite show. Or put them on right before bed and dream of how great your eyes will look come morning.

Only you won’t be dreaming it…it will be your new reality!

So, what are the benefits of using these anti-aging eye patches?

They’re made from silicone

Have you tried patches with ingredients you can’t pronounce? We only have 1…silicone. Ok, and maybe there’s a bit of magic thrown in by the elves. But other than that, it’s all you need to increase hydration to this tender area naturally. It plumps up the skin and helps smooth those pesky lines and wrinkles away.

They’re reusable

The elves tend to get upset when there’s more waste created to bog down their planet. That’s why they thought long and hard about how to make these anti-aging eye patches. You can use Epic Elves patches up to 10 times, making them environmentally-friendly, not to mention friendlier on your budget too.

They’re not just for your eyes

Got another dry and parched area plagued by wrinkles? You can apply these silicone patches to those areas too. Anything that needs a little pick-me-up to turn back the hands of time with elf magic can benefit from these pretty pink semi-transparent patches. Pop them on your forehead, chin, neck, or décolleté too!

They cost less than similar items

The elves have put all their magic into making these the most epic anti-aging eye patches around. For other silicone patches, you’ll pay quite a lot more. Here, you get the amazing results you want, plus Epic Elves comes in a fun holographic package that beckons to your desires for unwinding and fighting tired eyes away.

They’re absolutely epic

All the elves collectively roll their eyes when they see brands get to science-y or list a bazillion different ingredients in an attempt to impress and add a higher price tag. These are simply silicone. And they work in the most epic of ways because this one simple thing is enough to draw intensive hydration to your under-eye area, effectively plumping the skin up so any lines fade away.

Start your day in the most epic of ways by ending your nights with Epic Elves. The magic they sprinkle in will ensure some cheeky fun for all on your journey to spectacular self-care!

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