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Epic Elves™ - The Science

Stayed up a bit too late last night? You can just tell your boss you were still finishing that deadline. They don’t need to know you were binge-watching Netflix again. Or that “Netflix” is code for having one too many margaritas.

Whatever brought those bags under your eyes – even that evil boy that broke your heart – you can send packing. The Epic Elves are here to help de-puff and brighten up your under-eye area with magical precision!

Before you run out the door, pop these epic eye patches on to help bring your eyes back to the prize. You’ll be looking fresh and revital-“EYES”-ed in no time. But if you can remember to tune into the elves before bed, no one will ever no your late night secrets. Except for the elves of course!

Silicone does the trick

Just some elfish magic and silicone and you have the ultimate eye de-puffer. Bags go bye-bye and you wake up with plumped up and well-rested contours. How’s that for magical?

Use them again and again

Until you can get a handle on burning the candle at both ends, keep wearing these Epic Elves eye patches. They address the signs of ageing AND fix up those hollow areas under the eyes to make them look youthful and peppy. You can use each packet of patches up to 10 times in a row so go for it every night!

They multitask like nothing else

Ok, maybe the only better multi-tasker is you, but these Epic Elves patches get down to business by correcting all those irksome problems that happen to the under-eye area. Those wrinkles. Dehydration. Dark circles. Bags. Unless you like showing up places and having everyone ask you why you look so tired (rude!), just slip these soft and buttery silicone patches on before bed and those pesky eye problems that plagued you will be gone by morning.

Yes, even after the roughest nights!

Screaming newborn? Wild night out? No matter what’s keeping you from slipping deep into the bliss of beauty sleep, the Epic Elves have your back. The silicone patches draw hydration in and help lock it away to reinvigorate this tender-skinned area in the most natural of ways. Only silicone and a little bit of good-wish-magic from the elves are what it takes to reset those eye contours and hear gushing from everyone you know who will want to know the secret to why you look so phenomenal.

Tell them about the Epic Elves! Or keep it your little secret. Either way, your big secret of under-eye bags and dark circles is one that the elves will safeguard for all of eternity, so wear them well and find your way back to youthful, happy, well-rested eyes!

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